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Location AutoComplete and Bing Maps in WindowsPhone

Location autocomplete is a nice way of providing real-time location suggestions based on input text by the user. This little feature could be invaluable in a lot of applications. If you want just a location autocomplete textbox, with no map control in your app, I suggest you look at Google Places API. It is astoundingly...

App, up and away – Guidelines for Windows Phone app publishing

App development hasn’t been this easy what with the enormous number of tools available. But we often tend to forget some basic requirements, which might lead to the app being rejected.  So, here are a few guidelines to remember before you look to get your windows phone app published on the Windows Phone Store. 1. Enter the...
GiveBlood App - Update

GiveBlood App – Update

The GiveBloodApp is now available on the Windows Store! Download now and help someone in need of blood. To download, head over here  right away:  Windows Store – GiveBlood

Twitter authentication from Windows Phone app using TweetSharp 2.3.0

For most Windows Phone apps, sharing a status message on Twitter is quite simple. This is achieved by using the ShareStatusTask class in Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace, where the user can tweet from the Twitter account set up on the device. There could be a scenario where different users would need to login to that application. For...