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GiveBlood App - Update

GiveBlood App – Update

The GiveBloodApp is now available on the Windows Store! Download now and help someone in need of blood. To download, head over here  right away:  Windows Store – GiveBlood

Twitter authentication from Windows Phone app using TweetSharp 2.3.0

For most Windows Phone apps, sharing a status message on Twitter is quite simple. This is achieved by using the ShareStatusTask class in Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace, where the user can tweet from the Twitter account set up on the device. There could be a scenario where different users would need to login to that application. For...

Making a BIG Difference

Did you know that every time you donate blood, you could save the lives of at least 3-4 people? When a patient is in need of blood that isn’t available, it becomes a life and death situation. Ideally most hospitals try reaching out to the public in such instances. But in this social media era,...

Twitter integration with Android app using OAuth

The idea behind this post is to illustrate how to integrate Twitter with an Android app. I have also included a demo where OAuth is used to authenticate the user and send tweets from the Android app. OAuth is open standard used to authenticate and share user resources and information of a site to a...