Did you know that every time you donate blood, you could save the lives of at least 3-4 people?

When a patient is in need of blood that isn’t available, it becomes a life and death situation. Ideally most hospitals try reaching out to the public in such instances. But in this social media era, the most efficient way would be to leverage social networks to find donors. This is where GiveBloodApp comes in.

It’s a voluntary project by Tarams, that connects patients in need of blood to potential donors in their proximity, using the geo-location services on your smartphones. It also provides you other details like blood group and time of request while also showing you the distance from your current location. A user can create requests for blood donation using the web app.It also uses social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to find probable donors from your network of people, thereby aiding in saving lives.

Here is a video on how GiveBlood works:

GiveBloodApp is available currently on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and will soon be released on the Windows Marketplace. To know more about donating blood and the app visit www.givebloodapp.com

Donate Blood! Save a Life!