Click!! That is how our lives have transformed. A single click and we have the whole world on our screens.

Sometime back, our firm had the opportunity to work with a Fortune 500 publishing firm. They were the traditional print giant, providing innumerable educational resources and publications to students all over the world. I even confess to having read their materials like a bible during my exams.

In this mad, mad rat race of the ā€˜eā€™ era they were loosing out to competition. They did have an online channel but it was more of an add-on service to the print resources. As more and more students were migrating towards online content, they were losing out to competition. I can totally understand the situation. Why would anyone want to carry around books the size of some bodybuilding weights, when you could access everything at the click of a fingertip. Unfortunately I never had this opportunity and spent my entire childhood slogging weights in my schoolbag.

Never the ones to bow down, this company showed how smart thinking can actually change the game.The publishing giant took on a partner centric approach while delving into the enormous online learning space. Instead of trying to establish monopoly through their in-house content, they partnered with a couple of vendors catering e-Learning content. they could now offer their users an immense knowledge bank.

Another interesting thing they did was to collaborate with some LMS companies, wherein they could offer their contents to these LMS users. These changes worked positive for them in two ways. One, they had a new channel of revenue, other than the print media. Secondly, the collaboration led to more people to trying their e-resources and services. Within a few months of these changes, their e-channel saw a spike in the number of users.

Now how did they make sure that they kept this increasing group of users addicted to them? The simplest trick in the bag. They snazzed up their systems, keeping a simple user interface and e-commerce system, while doing away with all complicated processes.

The end result?? 4 millions dedicated users ( and still counting ā€¦) Need I say more??