As stated before, I’m not really a big fan of Apple’s policies. Some of their policies inconvenience programmers to no end and one such process is the remote installation of beta builds. Now as per Apple’s policies, you can install your app only on 99 devices per account. You are allowed to install the apps remotely onto a client/tester’s device but the flowchart for that process looks similar to this:

Start from the topimage from

At the end of the entire process you’re probably looking like this:


There’s also a good chance that you switched to a YouTube video during this tedious process and hence missed out a a critical step which means you’ll have to restart the entire process and God forbid, miss out on that oh-so-cute video of a cat playing the piano. At this juncture there’s a good possibility that you’re battling Carpal-Tunnel syndrome and extreme fits of rage. But suddenly a wild Testflightapp appears!
I must mention that I am not associated with the good folks at and merely want to highlight it’s awesomeness!

So is a web app that allows ‘iOS beta testing on the fly’. It is rather easy-to-use and simplifies the remote testing process to a great extent. Here’s an over-simplified how-to:

  • Create an account as a programmer and invite some testers onto the team.
  • An email is sent to the testers with a link to download TestFlightApp on their iPhone/iTouch.
  • Once the app is installed on their device, the Unique Device Identifier (UUID) is automatically uploaded back to your account on the site (this is particularly useful if your client is tech-dyslexic).

Once you get the UUIDs all you have to do is head over to the Member Center at the Apple developer site and add the tester’s device to your Provisioning Profile.
You can now create a beta build of your awesome app by going to Build ->  Build and Archive.
Upload this build to Tesflight and all your chosen testers get an email notifying them about the new build of the app. Open this email on your iPhone and click on the large button that says install and you are done! It’s hard to miss, really.

It really is that simple…errr.

Admittedly I made two large, worthy-of-their-own-blog-post assumptions here: That you already have a developers license setup with Xcode and that you will use Google to good effect during your first time. No puns intended.
So that was my little ode to Hopefully after using it, you’ll look like this:


Disclaimer: I may or may not have indulged in some hyperbole.
For those of you’ll who are not iPhone programmers and yet braved this “article”, here is a video of a cat playing the piano. Enjoy!