Every sport fanatic likes to stay in-touch with the latest scores and stats of games happening around the world. There is no worse feeling than missing out on following your favourite team’s crunch game because you are stuck in a meeting. Although if you do happen to own an iPhone, getting match updates using sports apps is quite a cinch. Without further ado, here are 7 free must-have apps for any sports fans

1. ESPN ScoreCenter : The most-reliable source for all things sport. The ESPN ScoreCenter app offers lightning-quick updates on matches happening around the world. The app is highly customizable so you can add all your favourite teams and get the latest news pertaining to them.

2. IPL Teams app : While not the ‘official’ IPL app, this nifty little application is essential for any cricket lover. Lets face it, everyone watches the IPL matches. You can customize the app based on the team you support. Apart from latest news, schedules, points and scorecards, this app also collates tweets from all players (including tweets tagged with your team name) playing in the IPL! What an idea sirji!

3. SportsTap :  An American-sport centric app, SportsTap also offers statistics and standings of various leagues around the world. Season stats and info about player transfers are also available. There’s also a nifty little ‘Local Tap’ feature that shows you news related to your current location.

4. UEFA.com Mobile: If you’ve ever used the brilliantly informative UEFA website, do yourself a favour and download this app immediately. The app pretty much offers the content present on the website in your iPhone. Results, Photos, Interviews from matchday etc. A great way to keep up with European football in case you missed a late-night match or two.

5. NBA GameTime: The NBA has always been the most Internet-savvy of all sports leagues. The official NBA website offers a wealth of scores, stats and even video highlights. The NBA GameTime app is no different. The stats are in-depth and they even have a ‘Play-by-Play’ feature which gives real-time commentary for all you basketball junkies out there. Go get it.

6. ESPNcricinfo: The fact that the cricinfo.com server has crashed during nail-biting India games will tell you that millions of people all over the world use this great service for cricket score updates. Apart from the ball-by-ball commentary and their incredible stats database, there are scores of brilliant articles written by respected cricket-writers. The iPhone app provides all this and more with a slick easy-to-use interface. Essential for cricket fans.

7.  Your favourite team’s app: Almost every popular team (football, T20, NBA etc) has an app dedicated to them. You can take sports fanaticism to a new level by installing these apps to follow the latest goings-on. Warning: Some official team apps are paid.
Some team apps: Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, New York Yankees.